About Pace Counseling Group

We focus on you, and our only agenda is your success.

How To Start

Who We Are

We are a privately-owned counseling group founded by individuals who are passionate about helping those in need of support. Our clinicians take a unique, tailored approach to each client. We focus on you, and our only agenda is your success.

“Pace” signifies how we work with our clients. We meet you where you are, and we move at your pace to improve your quality of life. Counseling is provided by highly skilled professionals, with vast experience

and proven results. Our clients love our tailored counseling approach. So much so in fact, we receive many referrals from past clients on a regular basis.

We make it easy to get help. We see our clients on days, evenings and weekends. We accept most insurances and offer a variety of cash payment options.

We have helped thousands of people just like you.

What We Do

  • Our counseling firm provides private, goal-oriented, professional counseling. Additionally, we provide problem-focused consulting services aimed at fine-tuning the individual so that they may live their best life.
  • We help children, adults, couples and families who need support with their mental health or relationship challenges. Our expertise lies in serving clients in the following areas:

How We Do It

Pace Counseling Group practices a client-centric approach. We focus not only on the mental health needs of our clients but also on ensuring the most cost-effective measures are utilized for services.

We currently accept the following insurances: Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, Magellan, Medicaid, Optum, Oscar, Tricare, and United.

We make it easy for you to seek help. We see clients days, evenings, and weekends and accept most insurances. Sessions are available both in-person and via telehealth. Please feel free to contact us at 210.481.3727, or online here.

We utilize a simple approach to treating each client:


Assess the client’s strengths and obstacles for achievement.


Plan direct and efficient goals.


Facilitate plan in partnership with the client.

Pace Counseling, Anxiety, Stress

Pace Counseling was created with you in mind. We meet our clients where they are and work at their pace. For some, that means hyper-focused, goal-oriented therapy with tangible results. For others, that means patience, guidance, and support from our highly skilled clinicians. Our professional counselors are prepared to help you in a manner that best suits your recovery. At Pace you will find our only agenda is your success. - Andrew Staffier