Feeling Lonely? Try this ….

Why in a day and age when we are connected 24/7 to others, do we feel lonely? People report feeling lonely, because they lack real connection with others. Connection that is open, honest and genuine. Being open and honest, isn’t always sexy and may not set the tone of having it “all together” that so […]

Family Game Night

Family Game Night- Ideas for Fun for all ages

Family | Parenting | Summer

Family Game Night: Ideas for fun for all ages Summertime has started for most, and many children are either relishing the long awaited downtime or enjoying the variety of summer camp or other fun activities. Hopefully the slower pace presents some opportunity for quality time with your family members. A great way to encourage this […]


Summertime countdown

Summertime: 3 Parenting Survival Tactics

Parenting | Summer

The countdown to summertime can feel like the longest marathon. Leaving most of us haggard, out of breath and ever increasing doubts we’ll make it through. It feels the same for our kids at times. You’ve likely heard complaints recently, as they eye the prize – SummerTime.   “Why do I have to keep going?” […]


Spring Cleaning for Kids

Spring Cleaning For Kids

Children | Parenting

Just as Spring Cleaning can feel cleansing and empowering for many adults, it can have the same effect for kids. It is important for our children to take inventory of their lives just as we do. Doing so provides them the opportunity to be in control of some aspects of their environment. They are able […]


Is your child suffering from bullying, anxiety, or social pressures?

Bullying, anxiety, and social pressures

Anxiety | Bullying | Children

Is your child suffering from bullying, anxiety, or social pressures? We are here to help, and specialize with working with children, adolescents and their families. With registered play therapists on staff, and insurance accepted, it’s never been easier to make an appointment. Get the help you need now. Call to learn more, 210-481-3727 or go […]


When college isn't in the cards

“Where are you going to college?”

Children | College | Excitement | Family | Parents | Q&A | Stress | Teenage Issues | Young Adult

“Where are you going to college?” One of the many pesky questions young adults face this time of their life, according to our young adult “think tank”. Our group, like many other young adults, feel frustrated with this question. Often times their response is followed by stories or unsolicited advise on their school choice, and why it […]

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The importance of developing your child’s self confidence

The importance of your child’s self esteem

Children | Family | Parents | Self Improvement | Teenage Issues

Allowing children to develop their sense of worth, self esteem and self confidence is critical. These are all skills they are going to need as they mature. By their middle school year’s, children are expected to manage multiple courses, assignments and expectations. As well as deal with their changing bodies, a myriad of social complexities […]

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Family Dinnertime

Bring Back Family Dinnertime

For many, any given weekday evening is spent shuttling children to and from extra curricular activities. Family dinnertime often happens in the car or on the go, leaving very little face time. Certainly activities and extra learning experiences can be fun for our children. In fact, the physical exercise may be important since many children […]

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Aging Parents and Transitioning to Skilled Care

Aging Parents and transitioning to skilled care

Parents | Relationships

Aging Parents: Why We Transition Our Loved Ones from Our Home to a Skilled Nursing Facility Today many adults find they are not only taking care of their children, but their aging parents as well. Many of these families discover over time that caring for their loved ones in the home is no longer an option. […]

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How much stress is too much stress

Question of the Week- Stress

How much stress is too much stress? This is an interesting question and one that we certainly hear OFTEN. Stress in general can be the root cause for many of our clients to come to see us initially. First, stress is a normal part of every day. Stress in some cases, is a very good […]

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