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Telehealth Appointments Effective July 6th

Mental Health

  The safety of our clients and our clinicians is our primary concern. With that in mind, effective July 6th we will be seeing clients via Telehealth sessions only.  Telehealth appointments are conveniently scheduled 7 days a week, both days and evenings to better accommodate our client’s needs. To learn more about Telehealth please visit […]


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In Person Appointments – Available June 1, 2020

Anxiety | Mental Health | Self Improvement

  As many of our clients are aware, we migrated to tele-health appointments to better serve our clients during this Covid-19 Pandemic.   While this has been a great resource for many of you, we know nothing replaces an in person session with your trusted provider.   We will begin seeing clients again in the […]

Online Counseling

Online Counseling- How to make it work for you

Many people are seeking counseling to address the heightened stress and anxiety they are experiencing during the Covid19 Pandemic. As it remains unclear when it would be safe for most to start seeing a clinician in person, Tele Health has become a valuable tool for counseling. Tele-Therapy, or Online Counseling isn’t a new concept, many […]

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Stress Relief Tactics

With the ever-changing landscape of life while dealing with Covid-19, many people are feeling very stressed. Heightened stress is a common reaction to such immediate and drastic changes. But there are some things you can do to mitigate increased stress levels and deal with anxiety. Create Structure Create a new normal routine as soon as […]

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Stress and Anxiety in times of uncertainty

Anxiety | Mental Health

For many of us coping with COVID-19 developments brings heightened levels of stress and anxiety. For others, it can elevate general concerns for self, family and friends. Staying in the know of the daily details can feel stressful, scary and overwhelming. Dealing with daily developments can leave some feeling as if they are barely hanging […]


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Pace Counseling Office Hours as of March 16, 2020

Current Hours of Operation- March 16, 2020 The health and well-being of our clients and clinicians is of utmost concern. Presently, we will remain open to allow our clients to focus on their mental health needs. We have taken measures to ensure our offices are as safe for you as possible. You will be in […]


Decluttering to improve your mental health

One of the many things that we do at the start of a new year, is think of all the ways we want our lives to be better. We contemplate new eating plans, fitness programs, books we want to read, and places we want to go. Your mental health could benefit from improvements in any […]

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Authenticity and connectedness

Feeling Lonely?

Relationships | Self Improvement

Why in a day and age, when we are connected to others 24 hours a day 7 days a week, do we feel lonely? People report feeling lonely, because they lack real connection with others. Connection that is open, honest and genuine. Being open and honest, isn’t always sexy and may not set the tone […]

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Podcasts for Self-Improvement

Mental Health | Self Improvement

  Self Care and Self Improvement We have spent some time focusing on quick and easy ideas for self-improvement and sharing our thoughts with you recently. Researching this topic more, we stumbled upon some fantastic podcasts geared towards self-betterment. Some of these may be your new favorites, or not. Podcasts in general can improve your […]

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Parenting Tips for your college freshman

Parenting Tips for your college freshman

Family | Parenting

Moving your young adult to college for the first time? With a few tactics, you can aid in the smooth transition from home to college life, and help create the best experience possible for your college bound son/daughter. Be aware of your surroundings- Ensure your son or daughter has taken the opportunity to get familiar with their new […]

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