Decluttering to improve your mental health

Jan 9, 2020 | Self Improvement, Uncategorized

One of the many things that we do at the start of a new year, is think of all the ways we want our lives to be better. We contemplate new eating plans, fitness programs, books we want to read, and places we want to go.

Your mental health could benefit from improvements in any of those areas. However, decluttering will boost your mental health. Decluttering doesn’t require major life changes or any added expenses.

Decluttering, Mental Health

Chaos and clutter both in your homes, cars or workplaces can be mentally exhausting. When clutter is removed from these areas, it lightens your physical and mental load. Decreasing clutter will clear the way for a more relaxed and often times productive environment.

Simple Steps to Decluttering

To start decluttering, it is best to pick one area to focus on at a time. Don’t try to tackle your car and home at once. If you are selecting your home, pick just one room at a time to work on.

Begin by:

  • Removing trash and debris
  • Dispose of unhealthy or dead plants
  • If there is anything you no longer need or want, remove it. If a lamp is broken and needs repair remove it for repairs or dispose of it.
  • Declutter items on any shelving or surface areas. Do you need it? Put it in a safe space where you can easily access it. Otherwise, it goes.
  • Dust all surface areas and vacuum rug’s or carpet.
  • Donate any and all items that no longer serve you
  • Most importantly, make a pact with yourself that you are not purchasing anything for this space that does not meet an immediate need. This will keep you from bringing new items in that are not necessary.
  • Spend a few minutes each week tidying this areas. It should actually just take minutes once you have thoroughly decluttered your space.

Decluttering allows you to take inventory of an area, clean it, simplify it and allow yourself peace by enjoying your renewed spaces.

These small steps can be executed in areas you need them throughout the year. Your mental health will benefit from jumping into a clean car to run an errand. Or imagine the relief of walking into your home from a long day to a fresh, tidied space that doesn’t overwhelm you at first glance.


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