3 Steps to go from Frazzled to Fabulous

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For many of us, after the long holiday break we go full steam ahead plugging through our days. We hustle, bustle, mark things off our list. We go to meetings, we plan for meetings, we daydream on how to get out of meetings, and even skip them all together. We juggle car pools, groceries, actually […]

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Keys to Feeling Happy

Inspiration | Self Improvement

How can we feel happy? It’s fairly frequent that someone comes into our office and asks this simple question. More often than not, the question is attached to something outside of themselves. Something like, “How can I be happy in my relationship?” “Why can’t I just be happy with my job?” “Will I be happy […]

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Self Awareness and Improvement

Inspiration | Self Improvement

One of the many ideas that we promote within our practice is the notion of Personal Growth through self-awareness. Understanding oneself is an idea that is centuries old, however is not taught or practiced in grade schools or at the university level. Once we learn to master our “self” through understanding our thoughts and emotions, […]

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