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Sep 6, 2018 | Mental Health, Self Improvement


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We have spent some time focusing on quick and easy ideas for self-improvement and sharing our thoughts with you recently. Researching this topic more, we stumbled upon some fantastic podcasts geared towards self-betterment. Some of these may be your new favorites, or not.

Podcasts in general can improve your state of mind and provide new skills or tactics in your own journey of self-improvement.

(Please feel free to click on each podcast name to learn more on how to listen)


The Art of Charm

This podcast focuses on a variety of different problems you may experience while dating someone. They feature new guest speakers on each episode to give advice from a diverse and wide variety of experts. (Think authors, motivational speakers, and scientists). This podcast focuses on social dynamics, with varying points of view being presented throughout the show. Because there are different opinions discussed, it offers the listener a variety of perspectives on relationships.


The Secret to Success with CJ and Eric Thomas

This podcast is hosted by a former homeless man and high school drop-out, who managed to become an entrepreneur (Eric Thomas). The co-host CJ Thomas is a self-made businessman. This is an entertaining listen and a source of inspiration. If you are looking for motivation and guidance in pursuing their dreams, this is your hit. The podcast is uplifting and encouraging on many levels.


Optimal Living Daily

Host Justin Malik takes you on a motivational and educational journey. He reviews the best content on personal development, self improvement, minimalism and more. Every week Malik focuses on a single topic, with the ultimate goal to bring information from text to his listeners. This tactic allows the listeners to discover and learn tools in this field without doing the research on their own. If you are short on time to do the discovery and research on your own in this area, this makes for a great tool for you.



Just as the name states, this podcast focuses on uncensored stories from people who have “untangled” themselves from society norms or traditions. Each episode aims to provide insight and tools on how to slow down, reduce your stress levels and create a feeling of calm, when you need it the most. If you are looking for insight on nontraditional living, or ideas on creating a meaningful life, this would be a great listen for you.



“The podcast about self-care and other %$^$.” This series discusses healthier strategies we can all use to improve our quality of life. The host Sarah, a blogger and co-host Kristen, a Psychotherapist, bring both social and scientific views to their discussions. The vast majority of the focus is on better ways to take care of your mind, body and spirit.


If you are searching for other strategies for self improvement, please visit our blog on “Simple and Easy Ways to improve your quality of life” . We provide many strategies for self-improvement  and self care that could be coupled with podcast listening anytime. Try incorporating some of these tools, or just turn on one of the above podcasts on your morning commute to make the drive more enjoyable.


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