Simple and Easy Ways to Improve your Quality of Life

Mar 26, 2018 | Couples Counseling, Mental Health, Self Improvement

We find that many people seek ways to feel better or improve their Quality of Life. They are looking to reduce the stress they may be feeling in their everyday existence. Some are missing that “happy” feeling and are looking for ways to get it and feel like Quality of Life is a priority.

People, at times, believe that making real change is too hard, or that unless something major changes in their life, they won’t feel better. But there are many small, easy steps you can take to improve your everyday quality of life, without drastic change. Best of all many of these are free!

Simple and Easy Ways to

Improve your Quality of Life

One of the easiest and most impactful ideas to start creating a day you enjoy more, is to implement a new morning routine.

Simple and Easy and Ways to Improve your Quality of Life

Create a Morning Routine

Hitting snooze one too many times, then feeling rushed the rest of the morning? Starving on the way to work because you didn’t have time to grab something to eat? Angry at the bumper to bumper traffic on your commute? Not a healthy way to start your day.

By creating a new morning routine, you will help set a healthier attitude and frame of reference in which to tackle your day.


Wake on time, every day

If that means setting an alarm across the room from you so you physically have to get out of bed to turn it off, do it. Ensure that the time you are waking for your morning allows adequate time to prep yourself for work, and to do several of the suggestions below.


Eat breakfast

Leaving for work or your day with an empty stomach doesn’t provide you with the brain fuel you will need to be your best self.


Add 10 minutes to meditate and set your intention for the day

This does wonders! Perhaps your intention is to not take anything personal that day. You would be surprised what that mindset can do for you and improving your experiences throughout the day.


Embrace Gratitude

If you can add a few moments to take stock of the things you are grateful for in the morning or the evening, this helps you see all the good in your life. When it gets harder to quickly think of things you might be grateful for, that’s the opportunity to really start paying attention and look for the good in every day.


Take needed breaks throughout the day, especially for lunch

Skipping meals will cause your mood and your blood sugar to drop. Fueling your mind and your body is one way to boost your mood and energy throughout the day.

Simple and Easy and Ways to Improve your Quality of Life


Drink plenty of water

Many of us start our day with a cup of coffee (or SEVERAL cups of coffee). Which may be good for the morning jolt you are looking for, but not for your hydration. Dehydration can make you feel sleepy or groggy and bring on a headache. Staying hydrated will help combat afternoon fatigue and fogginess.


Minimize Negative CompanySimple and Easy and Ways to Improve your Quality of Life

Have a coworker who is always complaining or gossiping? Do your best to steer clear of this negative energy trap. It’s hard to stay focused on creating a good day when you listen to someone point out all the wrong in every little thing. We share more ideas on eliminating negativity from your life here-  (Spring Cleaning your relationships)


Stop Complaining

This goes right along with eliminating negative talk in your life. The more you complain the more you will notice things to complain about. Try it for a week and see if you notice a change in your mood.



The U.S. Center for Disease Control reported that 30% of Americans are suffering from sleep deprivation. If you are getting less than 6 hours of sleep per night regularly, you may be in this group. Rest is important to your overall health, and certainly to your mental health. Make sleep a priority in your daily routine.


Add more FUN

Simple and Easy and Ways to Improve your Quality of Life

Whatever flavor your ideas of healthy fun is, do more of it. If fun to you means taking in a new movie, do it. Perhaps it means learning a new sport or hobby, excellent. Always wanted to learn how to speak a foreign language?  Enroll in that class. Whatever it may be, make sure you are making time for something you truly enjoy each week.






10 things to improve your qaulity of life

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