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In Person Appointments – Available June 1, 2020

Anxiety & Depression | Mental Health | Self Improvement

  As many of our clients are aware, we migrated to tele-health appointments to better serve our clients during this Covid-19 Pandemic.   While this has been a great resource for many of you, we know nothing replaces an in person session with your trusted provider.   We will begin seeing clients again in the […]

Online Counseling

Online Counseling- How to make it work for you

Many people are seeking counseling to address the heightened stress and anxiety they are experiencing during the Covid19 Pandemic. As it remains unclear when it would be safe for most to start seeing a clinician in person, Tele Health has become a valuable tool for counseling. Tele-Therapy, or Online Counseling isn’t a new concept, many […]

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Anxiety, Stress, Stressed Out

Stress Relief Tactics

Mental Health | Self Improvement

With the ever-changing landscape of life while dealing with Covid-19, many people are feeling very stressed. Heightened stress is a common reaction to such immediate and drastic changes. But there are some things you can do to mitigate increased stress levels and deal with anxiety. Create Structure Create a new normal routine as soon as […]


Decluttering to improve your mental health

Mental Health | Self Improvement

Decluttering is one of the many things that we do at the start of a new year. On our quest for self betterment, we contemplate new eating plans, fitness programs, books we want to read, and places we want to go. Decluttering is often overlooked, but is indeed a powerful stress reliever. Your mental health […]

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Authenticity and connectedness

Feeling Lonely?

Relationships | Self Improvement

Why in a day and age, when we are connected to others 24 hours a day 7 days a week, do we feel lonely? People report feeling lonely, because they lack real connection with others. Connection that is open, honest and genuine. Being open and honest, isn’t always sexy and may not set the tone […]

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Podcasts for Self-Improvement

Mental Health | Self Improvement

, Self Care and Self Improvement We have spent some time focusing on quick and easy ideas for self-improvement and sharing our thoughts with you recently. Researching this topic more, we stumbled upon some fantastic podcasts geared towards self-betterment. Some of these may be your new favorites, or not. In general Podcasts can improve your […]

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Mental Health Providers

Mental Health Providers- Who they are and what they do

Mental Health | Self Improvement

Trying to find the right provider to assist with mental health care can feel daunting. Who does what? Do I need a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist?   We help our clients navigate questions like these and others, on a daily basis to ensure they find the best possible care for their needs. There are many […]

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Simple and Easy Ways to Improve your Quality of Life

Simple and Easy Ways to Improve your Quality of Life

Couples & Family Counseling | Mental Health | Self Improvement

We find that many people seek ways to feel better or improve their Quality of Life. They are looking to reduce the stress they may be feeling in their everyday existence. Some are missing that “happy” feeling and are looking for ways to get it and feel like Quality of Life is a priority. People, […]

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Smart Phone Addiction

Smart Phone Addiction – Are you or your children suffering from it

Mental Health | Self Improvement

Smartphone Addiction is real and this week students at Stanford University used their proximity to Apple to make a stand. The group, “Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices” are trying to bring awareness and action to the addictiveness of smart phones/devices. Many of us are likely suffering from Smart Phone Addiction now and realize we spend […]

Avoid Holiday Stress - 5 Simple Questions to ask

Avoid Holiday Stress with 5 simple questions

Couples & Family Counseling | Relationships | Self Improvement

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, or so we’re told.  For many of us, the holiday season starts a long and arduous holiday stress management tour of duty. But there are ways to minimize holiday stress, especially in regard to attending gatherings. It is wonderful to be invited to holiday gatherings […]

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