Ideas To Eliminate Negativity In Your Life

Oct 26, 2016 | Relationships, Self Improvement

Eliminate Negativity

It’s common to fall into a funk or to even start feeling depressed, especially as the holiday season approaches. Just thinking about it is enough to send some people into a tailspin!

In our practice we spend time with clients talking about how to eliminate things that create a sense of negativity in their lives.

We have a toolbox of simple strategies we can employ now:


Quit spending time with negative people

Yes, this includes family. People feel like this isn’t an option, but actually it is.

It’s a kindness that is perfectly okay to show yourself. This doesn’t require you to send out some formal notice, telling family members that you no longer wish to see them. That may likely create more stress and strife, and remember you’re trying to step away from that.

It is okay to say no more often, with dignity and grace. If you find yourself dreading family functions, like Thanksgiving Dinner at Aunt Edna’s, who likes to belittle you or your children, give yourself the gift of kindly declining the invitation. In fact, give yourself the gift to decline any invitation or experience that has left you feeling drained, sad or unhappy in the past.


 Stop complaining

Often when we complain, it causes us to notice more things to complain about. Soon enough, you may find you’re complaining ALL of the time. Here is a good rule to follow: if something is bothering you so much you feel the need to complain about it, then do something about it. If it is something that is not in your control, then choose to let it go. It’s that simple.


Start being grateful

On the flip side to complaining, and actually a great counteractive measure, notice and appreciate the good in your life. Take time every single day, whether it is right when you wake, or right before bed, to pause and notice the good in your life. Writing it down is even better. You’ll find yourself more easily noticing the positive people and experiences in your life, and perhaps realizing there isn’t so much to complain about.

Doing any of the above is not selfish, it’s being kind with your self. There is a difference.


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