Smart Phone Addiction – Are you or your children suffering from it

Mar 8, 2018 | Mental Health, Self Improvement

Smartphone Addiction is real and this week students at Stanford University used their proximity to Apple to make a stand. The group, “Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices” are trying to bring awareness and action to the addictiveness of smart phones/devices.

Many of us are likely suffering from Smart Phone Addiction now and realize we spend too much time on our devices. Oftentimes, neglecting the most important relationships in our life, by paying more attention to Facebook and Instagram than to actually having real connections with others. Or feeling anxious because w haven’t checked the news or work correspondence in the last half hour.

There is an actual name for the Smart Phone Addiction phenomenon. It’s called Nomophobia, which is the fear that being away from your phone somehow disconnects you from the world.

According to a recent study published in the journal Emotion , there is a finding that too much time spent on digital devices can be linked to lower self-esteem as well as a decrease in well-being. According to  Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University and the author of the study, “We found teens who spend five or more hours a day online are twice as likely to say they’re unhappy,” compared to those who spend less time plugged in”

Do you or your children suffer from Smartphone Addiction?

Smart Phone Addiction

– Do you feel anxious or stressed when you are without your phone?

– When you have your phone, are you constantly checking for the latest social media updates or for new texts?

– Are you preforming poorly at school or work because you are constantly distracted by your device?


– Do you find that you often don’t hear or recall what someone was saying because you were on your phone while you were speaking with them.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above,

here are some things you can do to combat

Smart Phone Addiction

Set a time limit on your phone usage.

Allow yourself to check social media if you like for 15 minutes a day, preferably not while you are supposed to be interacting with family, friends or colleagues.


No Phones at the dinner table

Whether you are eating at home or out to eat, even alone, no phone use while dining.


Smart Phone AddictionPut your phone away for the evening when you get home from work

This is especially important if you have children at home.

Lead by example that there is a time to check in and a time to be disconnected.


Remove Social Media Apps from your phone

Check your social media feeds at home on your desktop perhaps, during your designated online time.


Take a Sabbatical from your device

Consider turning your device off for a 24-hour period to detox from it. Friday when you are home for the weekend, turn your phone on silent or off.


Go outside, be in nature

Get outside without your phone and take a break from it.

Enjoy being unplugged. Take a few minutes to listen to your own thoughtsSmart Phone Addiction


Eat a healthy snack

IF you are itching for something to do with your hands, cut up a piece of fruit and have a snack. Or relax and enjoy a few minutes of reading, an actual book, with your favorite snack or beverage.


Read a Book

Instead of reading the latest Facebook political rant, spend that time diving in to an old favorite book, or finding a new one.



Join a spin class, practice yoga, learn to box. Start channeling that nervous energy you may be experiencing by not checking your phone into something good for you.


Pick up a Hobby

Do you want to learn to cook better, or learn some basic DIY skills? Take a class, they are offered throughout the city, often times free. Spend some time expanding your horizons and learning new skills instead of reinforcing you’re not good enough because you aren’t an Iron Chef Champion or driving a brand new Porche at the age of 20.


Meet a friend

Actually have a real conversation in person with a friend. Go to the newest coffee shop or meet at the park and catch up on what is going on in each other’s lives.


There is a way to find balance with your device and usage, by making some simple changes in when and how you choose to use your device.

5 Easy Ways to Disconnect



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