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Who We Are

Andrew Staffier

We take a unique approach to counseling, coaching & consulting by providing our clients with immediate & responsive service from highly skilled professionals, without the restrictions, constraints and waiting lists you may find at other agencies. At Pace, our only agenda is your success.

Pace Counseling Group was formed to serve the private and fast paced lives of our clients. We found through experience, that the clients we serve, lead demanding personal and professional lives, and hence seek fast paced, professional and high performing services through our firm. The counseling, coaching and consulting services we offer are backed by decades of experience in the mental health field as well as in the fields of personal growth & development, health & nutrition, education, stress management, as well as interpersonal dynamics. More specifically, our firm has worked with thousands of satisfied clients in specialized areas including youth and families, academics, business professionals and athletes.

What We Do

Our counseling firm provides, private, goal oriented, professional counseling, and problem focused consulting services aimed at fine tuning the individual so that they live their best life.

With us, you are our focus.

Our expertise lies in serving clients in the following areas:

School Age Clients (5+):

  • Counseling; depression, anxiety, relationships, family issues, peer stress, bullying
  • Coaching; athletic performance, academic performance, middle to high school transitions, college transition, career preparation

Families (Parents and Children Ages 5+)

  • Relationship stress, parental issues, stay at home parental issues, infidelity, divorce, grief & loss, drug/alcohol issues

College Students/Athletes and Business Professionals

  • Counseling: depression, anxiety, parenting issues, empty nest syndrome
  • Coaching: collegiate & professional athletic performance, academic coaching, professional career coaching, executive coaching, career transition, college prep coaching

How We Do It

PACE Counseling Group practices a client-centric approach. We focus not only on the mental health needs of our clients, but also on ensuring the most cost effective measures are utilized for services. We currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United, Tricare, Medicaid insurances, and other panels on a regular basis.

We utilize a simple approach to treating each client:

  • Assess the client’s strengths & obstacles for achievement
  • Plan direct & efficient goals
  • Facilitate plan alongside client



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As the mother of three boys, I have struggled with the feeling that I have to be all things to all people.  I have often found myself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated and worried if I was doing any of it right.  By working with Pace, I was able to unravel the many sources of my stress and anxiety, including a family history of neglect, abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction.  The counsel I have received from Pace has been a source of guidance, wisdom and, more than anything, a voice of calmness and reason during the stormy times in my life.  Their staff have been a source of healing and support for more than 10 years.

Jennifer Mother of 3 Boys

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Our philosophy encourages a different kind of relationship with our clients – one that feels more like a partnership, instead of the common stale interaction between client and counselor. If this is the type of relationship you are looking for, we invite you to contact us today and discuss how we might serve you.

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