Family Game Night- Ideas for Fun for all ages

Jun 12, 2017 | Family Counseling, Parenting

Family Game NightFamily Game Night:

Ideas for fun for all ages

Summertime has started for most, and many children are either relishing the long awaited downtime or enjoying the variety of summer camp or other fun activities. Hopefully the slower pace presents some opportunity for quality time with your family members. A great way to encourage this time, is through family game night.

Family Game night can be easy and simple. You can pull out a deck of cards and start from there. Forgot how to play some childhood games? You tube it– There is a video out there for everyone! Youtube is a great way to relearn your favorite games like Gin Rummy, Texas Hold Em or even learn a few new games together.

You can also find a variety of card or board games online, or at local retailers. If you haven’t seen the latest Target games section, it’s worth a trip. They have expanded with a large variety of games for all ages.

exploding kittens 2


A new personal favorite is a game we recently purchased just for Family Game Night, “Exploding Kittens”. It is fairly easy to learn, easy for multiple people and ages to play together, and super fun! This game came be played indoors or outdoors, and is a card game that takes just minutes to set up. Similar to UNO and HYSTERICAL! If your kitten explodes, you are out until the next round!


Have a family game night favorite? Share with us on our Instragram and Facebook Feeds for a chance to win your own “Exploding Kittens” game. Winners will be posted on both Instagram and Facebook on Friday, June 16th!


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