The importance of your child’s self esteem

Feb 8, 2017 | Family Counseling, Parenting

The importance of developing your child’s self esteemAllowing children to develop their sense of worth, self esteem and self confidence is critical. These are all skills they are going to need as they mature. By their middle school year’s, children are expected to manage multiple courses, assignments and expectations. As well as deal with their changing bodies, a myriad of social complexities and the typical reported increase in “performing” in school endeavors. Positive self esteem will be paramount for them.

By allowing our children to do things for themselves and solve problems at an earlier age, you are actually strengthening their ability to help themselves and increasing their self-confidence. A more developed sense of self fosters belief that they can actually solve problems and handle situations that might come up.

It’s tempting to do for our kids. In fact, I know most parents don’t want to see their children struggle. This is often times why we jump in to rescue them, or come to their aid in dealing with some issue. Our intent is to help. But are we really helping?

By not allowing them to do things for themselves when they can, we rob them of the ability to develop their sense of confidence, capability and self worth. They will be better prepared for the world in both adolescent years and young adulthood, if they’ve been given the opportunities to exercise those muscles.

A great way to develop their self esteem “muscles” is by allowing your children to do chores. Start early. There are plenty of chores that even younger children can do that are age appropriate. See our friend here washing dishes? This is a great chore to have younger children do, even with your assistance or supervision. Their developing self worth will thank you!

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