Spring Cleaning For Kids

Apr 21, 2017 | Family Counseling, Parenting

Just as Spring Cleaning can feel cleansing and empowering for many adults, it can have the same effect for kids. It is important for our children to take inventory of their lives just as we do. Doing so provides them the opportunity to be in control of some aspects of their environment. They are able to decide what fits in their life at this time, and what items they may be ready to part with.

Spring Cleaning for Kids

Where to start

Start by asking your children to spend a few hours going through their rooms.

You may even choose to start in just their closet. Allow them to take inventory of items that they no longer wear or use.

If something no longer fits, or they find items they haven’t used or played with in a while, now would be a good time to repurpose those things.


What to do with items you no longer need


There are many places you can donate goods that will find their way into hands that need them. Or you can have your child participate in a family yard sale. Perhaps even allow them to keep the funds earned from the proceeds of the items they have removed from their rooms.

This encourages both empathy and the value of possessions and hard work. If your child has elected to donate their items, this helps them to think outside of themselves and more about others that may really need these things.

If you are choosing to have a yard sale, insisting that your child work the sale to benefit from the proceeds allows them to work for their earnings.

It’s a powerful lesson for children to see the fruits of their labor from both cleaning out their spaces, and participating in the work of a yard sale.

Many children experience a sense of peace by removing clutter from their rooms as well as a sense of pride for either making charitable donations or earning money. It’s a great exercise to do once or twice a year together as a family!


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