Summertime: 3 Parenting Survival Tactics

May 24, 2017 | Family Counseling, Parenting

The countdown to summertime can feel like the longest marathon. Leaving most of us haggard, out of breath and ever increasing doubts we’ll make it through. It feels the same for our kids at times. You’ve likely heard complaints recently, as they eye the prize – SummerTime.

May Marathon: Making it through the last days of school


“Why do I have to keep going?”

“I’m so tired.” 

Or one of our favorites:

“School is dumb.”


You may even share some of their sentiments, and secretly wish this month had ended already with you sipping lemonade poolside.

How do parents get to the end of May, cross the finish line to summer with their sanity intact? By employing a few tactics to add to your parenting arsenal.


Tactic 1. Encouragement

It’s easy to share your disdain for the arduous last month of school. But it is more helpful to your kids to continue with your same routine. Be understanding of their thoughts and opinions, but stay the course. Joining in the banter and disdain, isn’t going to improve the situation. We love the ideas we see online about creating a countdown chart. Create one on your own, or install an App here.

Fun. Do that instead!

Tactic 2: Stay Connected

Along with the slow jog (okay crawl) towards the finish, the calendar is filled with parties, ceremonies and other end of the year events. With the days or evenings packed with to do’s, it can be a challenge to talk with your kids. Especially middle school or high school aged children. Stay connected. Don’t let the whirlwind suck you in. It might only be a check in before bed, or a few minutes catching up on their day. As your children feel more anxious about end of school exams, events, or other projects, they may need to talk about these things with you. At the very least, they just need to know you are still in it with them.

Tactic 3: Let go

Yes. I know I just said stay connected. But with our older children, our graduating seniors, we need to let go. You may not be ready, but it is time. You may be feeling sentimental, or melancholy wondering where did the time go. This is not only normal, but to be expected.

This is an exciting time for them: an end of an era, and the beginning of the rest of their lives. While we might be caught up with our own overwhelming emotions, it’s important not to turn this time into a “mom/dad’s so emotional” moment. Allow them the space and freedom to celebrate this transition into young adulthood.


And remember when you finally make it there, to read another great The Dog Days of Summer!


Sheryl Staffier

Co-Founder, Pace Counseling Group

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