“Where are you going to college?”

Feb 21, 2017 | Family Counseling, Parenting

Counseling San Antonio“Where are you going to college?”

One of the many pesky questions young adults face this time of their life, according to our young adult think tank. Our group, like many other young adults, feel frustrated with this question. Often times their response is followed by stories or unsolicited advise on their school choice, and why it is good or bad, etc.

How frustrating it must feel to be in this phase of your life, perhaps a little confused or scared, and the people around you make it feel even more so with their well intended college advice or anecdotes.


Here are a few quick thoughts on how to handle this question:

  1. You actually don’t owe anyone a response to this question. If you feel compelled to exit this line of conversation quickly, versus answering try this: “Thank you for asking, I am actually keeping that to myself. I have given great thought and attention to my choice and want to continue feeling confident about it. I appreciate your understanding.”…..
  2. You feel the need to answer, that’s okay also. Try this tactic: “Thank you for asking, I am attending (fill in the blank). I’m so excited about it, and I’m so grateful for all of the support of my decision.” Emphasis “SUPPORT of MY decision” This gives the person an opportunity to pick up on your que of MY and their SUPPORT
  3. Not every one will accept no response, or “Support of MY Decision”… we know, we have families also! If you start hearing horror stories or the likes about your school choice… feel free to politely excuse yourself from the conversation all together, totally acceptable.

We get a variety of questions on or Q&A page on our website. It’s a safe, anonymous way for someone to post a question and get an answer. We welcome you to ask a question and check our blog regularly for a response.

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